Choosing Your Key Swiches?

So you want to buy a Mechanical Keyboard?

Switches are one of the most important aspects of a mechanical keyboard. Getting to know which one's best for you can 'transform' your typing experience.

switch demo

Mechanical Key Switch Anatomy

Each key on a mechanical keyboard hides an actual physical switch under it, unlike the squishy rubber membrane you'd find on most keyboards. Typing on these mechanical switches is a very different experience from typing on regular ones. The keys have more travel, and are much more tactile; you don't have to press the keys all the way down to get them to register, which makes typing easier on the fingers; and of course, mechanical keyboards have their own unique sound.

Find which one's right for you
mx black switch

Step 1:

I want something primarily for:

mx brown switch

Step 2:

Choose an Operating Style:

mx red switch

Step 3:

Determining Actuating Force:

mx green switch